Moving and Packing Tips

We have all the materials necessary to get the move done right, efficiently, with the right cost. Our padding for glass is provided free of charge, rolls of tape at no additional cost and we have tools to reassemble and disassemble if you like for you to use or for us to put back together anything we took apart. On the other hand if you’re a busy person and would like to get the move done with the fastest amount of time, below are the steps that you can do to get the move done fast, efficiently and by doing the steps we would normally take if you did not. I am not saying we aren’t fast and efficient, it just would take a lot of time off of the clock if you started before us. This will make your move will cheap, and making time affordable for you. 

Before you move out you would want to know what’s the best thing you can do to get your move done fast and cheap as possible.
            What you should start out with counting all the boxes you’re going to need and then get one or two more that just in case you require more than thought; we have bins available if you run out. For all of your glassware plant some 2 another sheet of cardboard on the bottom for extra cushion, impact, and sturdiness to the box. Next mark any boxes that you would like to have specifically put into each room, so that you do not have to tell us or so they will not wind up in the same or wrong move, put all marked boxes on a piece of paper as a “LEGEND”. Yes, as movers everything is fragile when it comes to our customers move. After all the boxes are packed put them by the best exit, in which should be the fastest route so we can get to moving out faster; we will say this will get the move done faster than  it would take if we had to go through each room.

All the drawers on anything should be restrained from opening; one way to keep the doors from opening is by using one pad, then covering the front from the floor up and over the top. Then begin taping the pad to the item from the top spiraling around the item lapping the drawers hence keeping them shut and from opening. Any mattress should either have plastic wrap or a sheet that cuffs the bed, so the actual mattress does not get any dirt or debris from the outside environment. Padding or card board will also protect your property from getting any unwanted scratches.

China cabinets or any cabinet with glass all around should be guarded by card, board then padding, and then tape all around, shrink wrap would be great for extra grip on the furniture.
Now to keep those in place tight, shrink wrapping will do so much improvement with gripping everything on that cabinet tightening strengthening the padding and card board. 

                                        STEP ONE:

The first thing is to start putting card board over the glass and frame on the cabinet, after that we would want to tape that on or secure that to the cabinet so that the next layer of protection can be applied. The movers will do this for you. The shrink wrap will squeeze it all down to the middle when applied.

                                      STEP TWO:
Now we start to cover the cabinet from the floor up and over to the top making sure that the sides receive as much to protect the side panels of glass or wood. Then with the tape, spiral down over lapping the glass area all the way to the bottom wrapping the bottom three times. This will protect the padding and cardboard. As you can see for the boarder we covered with safe peel tape in which will also prevent scratches and nicks to the bottom.

                                     STEP THREE
Now to keep those in place tight, shrink wrapping will do so much improvement with gripping everything on that cabinet tightening strengthening the padding and card board.  Honestly we lost step four in the millions of photos we have and will find it. We just thought it would be kind of funny joke that we let you know we forgot. 

                                    STEP FOUR:

Remove your work